thou shalt be smitten!!!

Kevin had a kickass BBQ on memorial day… cali-style. Tri-tip (SO yum!), margaritas, Dennison chili, and bulgogi. Ok so bulgogi’s not so much in the cali way, but it was really yum as well! Oh, also his mom’s famous cheesebread. It’s now wednesday afternoon and my stomach is just starting to feel normal again.

Have been really busy with work lately, got quite a few things coming up to prepare for. So in lieu of substance, I give you these links:

Freaky. And of course, he’s chinese:

Batwoman batting for the other team?

When’s your next 1000-day birthday? Let’s party!

For the men in the house (those that are pure of heart, do not click on this link or jesus will smite you!):

How to survive when a robot attacks you:

And finally, for all the jilted lovers of the world:

I love when people sign off by saying bitch. It’s bitchin’. Bitch out.


~ by jeanne on May 31, 2006.

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